Programme 2017 - 2018

Tuesday 12th Sept
AGM & Talk on 'My Life As A Micro Artist'
Graham Short

Tuesday 10 th Oct
Painting Flowers in Watercolour
Jill Winch

Tuesday 14th Nov
Painting Still Life in Acrylics
Keith Morton

Saturday 18th Nov
Life Drawing Workshop

Sun 3rd Dec to Sat 9th Dec

Tuesday 16th Jan
Painting Landscapes in Watercolour
Charles Evans

Tuesday 13thFeb
Painting Potraits in Oils
Peter Keegan

Tuesday 13th Mar
Impressionist Landscapes in Acrylics,Line & Wash
Liz Baldin

Tuesday 10th Apr
The Humble Pencil Expressive Drawing With Graphite'
Ronnie Ireland

Sun 13th May to Sat 19th May

Winter Drawing Evenings

Mon 2nd Oct 2017

Mon 6th Nov 2017

Mon 4th Dec 2017

Mon 5th Feb 2018

Mon 5th March 2018

Mon 9th April 2018

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