Programme 2018 - 2019

Tuesday 11th Sept
AGM & Talk on Computer Art
Tabitha Raincloud

Tuesday 9th Oct
Painting Wintery Scenes in Watercolour
Keith Hornblower

Tuesday 13th Nov
Print Making
Laura Boswell

Sun 2nd Dec to Sat 8th Dec

Tuesday 15th Jan
Painting Portraits in Acrylic
Mark Fennell

Tuesday 12thFeb
Painting Landscapes in Watercolour
Frank Walters

Tuesday 12th Mar
Painting Flowers in Watercolour
Jill Winch

Sun 12th May to Sat 18th May

Winter Drawing Evenings

Mon 3rd Sep 2017

Mon 1st Oct 2017

Mon 5th Nov 2017

Mon 3rd Dec 2017

Mon 4th Feb 2018

Mon 4th March 2018

Mon 9th April 2018

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